Wild flowers in the Puglian spring

Our love affair with the Mediterranean did not begin with wine, though of course food has always been a theme. In fact it started with ancient history, especially ancient Greece and its colonies (and hence Southern Italy) and then with wild flowers. Spring holidays are of course a perfect time to visit both temples and remote unspoilt places.

The following photos are were mainly taken in one twenty minute stop as we crossed the Murgia.  The flowers on this occasion were literally road side. It would be great to spend more time with knowledgeable people to explore more – but just as encouraging to see what is literally below your feet, if you slow down to have a look. To the bulk of the photos I have a added a few taken on other occasions in April 2011, in other parts of the same visit to Puglia and above the gorge at Matera in neighbouring Basilicata.  They all show the beauty of common things.

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3 Responses to “Wild flowers”

  • Grace:

    Ciao! You have a picture of a flower which I saw when I was in Puglia in April and I have no idea what its name is but I was wondering if you do? It’s the second to last photo, number 19. The white with pink lines ones.
    Grazie mille!

  • winefriend:

    Thanks, Emilia – it’s a nice place to live! If you tell me which photo you are referring to, I may be able to help with the name. All the best!

  • Emilia:

    Hi! I’m an American living in Puglia and you have a photo of a flower that I have been searching for the name all morning! Actually, I see all these flowers often and am so curious… have you found the names of them? You have beautiful photos… I’ll have to explore your site now! Thanks! Emilia

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